FIX: web sites cannot be started unless both the was and w3svc are running
IIS Eror Detail: 

"Websites cannot be started unless both the Windows Activation Service (WAS) and the World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC) are running, Both services are currently stopped."

When I have to start IIS. I was getting the above error.


1- Open cmd (Win + R: cmd.exe)

2- Write "net start w3svc" and solved.


Author: Engin ATALAY
Date: 1.06.2015 20:35:18
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Resim Yüklenemedi
17 Şubat 2018 12:56
Thanks it helped!
Resim Yüklenemedi
30 Haziran 2016 19:08
I did net start w3svc at the command prompt, but it then says: Access is denied :(
Resim Yüklenemedi
17 Ocak 2017 17:52
Seems that u dont have admin permission in ur login profil on server/client.
Resim Yüklenemedi
Engin Atalay
1 Temmuz 2016 16:16
Try, restart your the computer.
Resim Yüklenemedi
1 Temmuz 2016 16:12
Now I get: "System error 1068 has occurred. The dependency service or group failed." my os is Windows 10 :(
Resim Yüklenemedi
Engin Atalay
1 Temmuz 2016 15:14
cmd.exe right click => run as administrator.
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Jahanazaib Ali
4 Haziran 2016 03:44
Thanks Engin ATALAY this works for thanks for posting.
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