Flutter FirebaseCore/FirebaseCore.h file not found
Flutter on MacOS

Error Desc 1: "fatal error: 'FirebaseCore/FirebaseCore.h' file not found"
Error Desc 2: "fatal error: 'FirebaseCore/FIRApp.h' file not found"

1- Open Terminal on MAC
2- Run rm -rf ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/
3- Select flutter ios folder  cd  /Users/enginatalay/Desktop/my_project_path/ios/
4- Run pod deintegrate
5- Run pod cache clean --all
6- Run pod install

Then wait for all Downloading dependencies...

Then completed.


Author: Engin ATALAY
Date: 24.01.2021 20:53:55
View Count: 3956

Resim Yüklenemedi
11 Ekim 2021 15:28
Getting issue still on MAC m1 chip.
Resim Yüklenemedi
6 Nisan 2021 20:22
It didn´t work for me. Same issue, FirebaseCore/FirebaseCore.h' file not found
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